Vision for DIVRENS 

We want to create and innovate for the rest of our existence.
Being the catalyst, the inspiration and the facilitator for passionate, driven people that wish to impact the world in a positive way with a bold idea or a revultionary new product or service. 

We are the most ambitious holistic self-development platform that ever existed, combining mindset, knowledge and wisdom in new ways. DIVRENS is for everyone who wants to change the world, people who dream big, but understand their limitations. You know you need more than just yourself. You want to be more in control, have a better focus, get vital knowledge and wisdom that is contributing to your desired outcome.   

You want to understand others but most importantly: You want to understand yourself and what you came here to do. 

Many extraordinary people get hopeless, depressed, stuck in their life; thinking they are alone, a rarity among the many.

We know from first hand experience what it feels like being a visionary, out-of-the-box thinker in a world designed for normal. We understand that some people can never live within ‘the-box’ but are destined to live outside the box. People are coloring outside the lines, not because they can, but because they MUST.


Who is DIVRENS for? 
As the creatives we are, it’s not easily described, and we find absolute labels restricting and suffocating.
Don’t take these descriptions as strict rules, instead see them as a general direction.

we are gravitating towards an audience with a INFP/INTJ/INFJ/ENFP/ENTP/ENTJ/ESFP Myers briggs profile. 

 If you have more than one of these characteristics,  you are likely our intended audience:   

– you enjoy big challenges, even if they seem unrealistic or unachievable to others
– you feel, express and think artistically and/or creative
– you perceive more impulses from your environment than others
– your modus operandi is deviating from what many would call ‘normal’
– you like to connect with people on a deeper level and feel very intensely
– you always see ways of improving life, ideas, situations and organizations
– you are thinking and operating outside of the usual patterns set by society
– people often misunderstand you, hence you question your own ideas and beliefs
– you see this world as a giant puzzle and try to make sense of it all
– you know you can achieve great things in this life but feel stuck in your own head
– you are seeking likeminded people, but are struggling to find them
– you feel a strong desire to make a difference (positive contribution) in this world
– you are gifted (IQ 125+) or feel connected to this group due to your intellectual abilities


There is an endless supply of great minds in our world; just imagine how our collective ideas and revolutionary visions could change the world for the better. We see people with potential everywhere. It saddens us to see many people are choosing the path laid down for them by society and are not taking control over their lives. Many reject their destined path, despite wanting it badly. Don’t let the social pressure to conform hold you down!

Why do we need DIVRENS?
Are your talents truly recognized or are they ridiculed by the majority?
Is the majority of people truly able to grasp and see your vision? 

We know many creatives, intellectuals and other deviators feel alone on this path of swimming against the stream.

We recognize the isolated, frustrated feelings when you get stuck in your development or grand ideas. 

You may be the perfect student, the university drop-out, the autodidact, the polymath, the dreamer, the underperformer… but that is not important!  

You need a platform  to call your home, with others that understand you and encourage you, instead of saying you are crazy for not conforming. 

It’s essential you use your powers to create something meaningful. We will nourish, coach and train you every step of this challenging road!  

I welcome you my kindred spirit. I’ve created this place for you. – Benno, Founder 

“DIVRENS has the unique ability to solve complex personal problems, expose underlying patterns and makes you aware of the infinite power that is within all of us. DIVRENS completely changed my view of what I can accomplish in life”

– Edwin (49), Manager