Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the live seminars?

We had to postpone our seminars & events due to the COVID-19 rules and regulations.

This is however, no excuse not to work on your own development. Learn how to lead, maintain clarity of thought and focus while others are drowning in fear and negativity. This is a great opportunity to work on yourself!

What is included in the learning package?

Included in the learning package are all the features that will be listed under the pricing page in the near future. We currently offer three distinct levels so we will always meet your specific needs through time.

Can I get a discount? Is there a free trial?

No, we don’t believe in the philosophy of discounts or free trials. Our products have a value way beyond what you are paying. Our products can and will literally change your life if you let it! There is no limit to your goals as long as you follow and implement our program into your life. This road of building something that could change the world is however, far from easy and many will fail.. that’s the price of trying to do big thinks. This program is not for everyone; if you think it will be easy and painless it might be time ┬áto reflect some more on your true reasons for wanting this.

Are you searching for talented individuals?

We developed our models and strategies with the help, knowledge and insights of world class individuals and trainers. World-class and different is what we are looking for! Let us know if you have an amazing idea. We are always open to new ideas to improve our services.

How long do I have access to my purchased online programs?

Our platform is like an organism, living and breathing. We are constantly tweaking and improving our products from your and our combined insights. When you buy one of our online trainings or programs, you’ll receive 3 full years of continued development from the moment of purchase.

What promises do you make in terms of results?

We are working hard on ensuring you have everything to succeed. We can promise that your life will change drastically if you are willing to go all-in. Our personal philosophy is simple; there is no way anyone can provide you with 100% guaranteed outcomes, that is NOT how real life works. We have a high level of confidence in our ability to lead people to their greatness. Please be aware that our effectiveness is based on your level of commitment, your open-mindedness to learn new things and your ability to do your chores. Of course we will help and guide you in these areas.