These companies are spin-offs from DIVRENS and currently fall under the DIVRENS brand.


BRAINDECRYPTERS started out several years ago as a Neuromarketing and Neuropsychology agency. We’ve initially helped companies design powerful and emotional online experiences, Marketing, Branding, Stories and Customer experiences. We’ve also taught companies how to be more persuasive. Our founder gained lots of experience in business consulting, complex problem solving and personal development. We’ve worked for many years to truly understand what is needed in the world right now. Benno invented a unique model to revolutionize businesses and organizations around the world. Our holistic HSM-6 model focuses on every major pillar of business success. With this model we help business understand human psychology and translate complex neuroscience into practical strategies. With HSM-6 we focus on the following business chains: story, people, product, marketing, sales, innovation. Truly giving you a 360 degree experience. RAW,  highly creative and scientific. 


QUANTUM-22 focuses solely on reaching Dutch entrepreneurs. With Quantum-22 we offer forward thinking, innovative and holistic strategies for businesses and organizations. We currently offer two directions; 1. THRIVE 2. SURVIVE. Branch 1 is for companies who are currently experiencing momentum and who wish to maximize their efforts. Branch 2 is for companies who currently struggle directly or indirectly from the COVID-19 corona crisis. Our 2nd (SURVIVE) branch is currently being tailored towards the coronavirus situation, since we’ve received many signals there is a need for sound, strategic advice in these times. If you are a Dutch entrepreneur and need a strategy fast to deal with important decisions within your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We also would like to hear more about current business challenges, fears and doubts to strengthen our strategic models and advice to the best of our ability.